Abortion Methods

Abortion cost- What are the abortion cost and who will take care of it?


Abortion cost- What are the abortion cost and who will take care of it?

Before a termination of pregnancy can be carried out, you must first in a state-recognized advice center. This advice is free for all pregnant women and their companions.

If a doctor has found you a medical or a criminological indication for a termination of pregnancy, the health insurance covers all costs of the treatment.

Is abortion expensive?

If you have opted for an abortion for other reasons, you will probably have to take some private costs. Statutory health insurance companies cover only a part of the costs, namely for medical advice before the abortion, for all medical services and medications before and after the procedure that serve the protection of your health and – if necessary – for the treatment of complications. The actual cost of the surgery, which varies from € 200 to € 600, depending on the practice and method, is your own responsibility.

Low-income earners, recipients of social assistance, unemployment benefit II or a training grant such as BAföG can apply to your health insurance company to cover the costs. The prerequisite for this is that you do not have short-term assets and earn less than € 1,075 net per month. For every child living in the household, the limit increases by 254 €. If you pay more than 315 € rent, you can raise a maximum of 315 € on the salary limit. By the way: The salary of your partner is not important for a reimbursement. You also do not need to specify reasons for abortion in your application. This is your private affair and does not concern the health insurance company.

Where can I get an abortion?

An abortion can be performed wherever the appropriate aftercare is guaranteed for you. This can be in a well-equipped doctor’s office, in a day clinic or in a hospital. It is important that you feel well and trust the doctor who is performing the demolition. If you are still unsure where you want to be aborted, any state recognized Pregnancy Conflict Advisory Center will advise you on practices and clinics in your area.

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