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Harms of abortion to mother-How will I go mentally after an abortion?

adet - Harms of abortion to mother-How will I go mentally after an abortion?

Harms of abortion to motherHow will I go mentally after an abortion?

The fact that women generally go bad after an abortion is something that many sufferers hear during their decision-making process. The fact is: from grief for the lost child to relief, from depression to a sense of liberation, everything is possible. Long-term negative psychological consequences are very rare and usually occur when women have an abortion under external pressure, e.g. have done by family members or the partner.

How you cope with abortion depends on many, very individual factors. Your life situation, the clarity of your decision and the course of the procedure have an impact on how you can process the experience. For some women, decision-making time is much more burdensome than intervention as such. When the pregnancy is over, they are relieved. Other women, on the other hand, are pretty quick to realize that they want to abort. If the intervention is over, they regret that they had to make that decision.

What you must not forget: By the pregnancy has also changed your hormone balance. At first, your body was fully programmed for pregnancy. With the abortion, he must first adjust hormonally. This too can affect how you are physically or mentally.

Harms of late term abortion

Nobody can say exactly what your situation will be like after the abortion. However, a study by the Family Planning Center Hamburg e.V. has shown that it helped many women before and after an abortion to talk to other women in a similar situation. This can be, for example, friends or family members who have also had a termination of pregnancy. The discussions in pregnant conflict counseling centers were also found to be helpful. If the relationship with the child’s father was intact, the partner was considered an important support. For all women interviewed in the study, rest and time were particularly important for themselves after the procedure. Therefore: treat yourself after a termination of pregnancy much rest and take a break from everyday life. This is good for your body, but also for your soul.


What awaits you after a medical abortion?

After an abortion, you have two weeks of medical education. This usually happens in an abortion clinic. This procedure will serve to determine that the healing process is done in its own way. A woman should be carefully examined for infections and other complications, you may need to prescribe the necessary antibiotics. During the study, the doctor will determine if the cervix is ​​closed for miscarriage. These conditions are mandatory for the resumption of normal activities, including sexual contact, bathing, smears, physical activity, etc. The doctor examines the woman in the presence of tissue in the uterus.

Due to the fact that the patient’s reproductive function is restored almost immediately after completing medical abortion, a woman needs to think about contraception. Sex after an abortion can be resumed in 2-4 weeks. Find the most suitable and safest way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This will help the doctor. The best solution would be the oral hormonal contraceptive of the last generation, which not only protects against pregnancy, but also normalizes the hormones of the female body.

If so, you must remove it. Symptoms and complications after an abortion opening after an abortion.

A traditional inevitable phenomenon that can take up to five weeks. The number of bleeding after an abortion should be the same as during menstruation. The choice of color is the same, maybe easier. This is expected to occur with mild cramping and pain.

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