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I am pregnant and want to abort – what now?

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Not every woman is happy about a positive pregnancy test. Some are forced to stop the pregnancy. Our web site abortionmethods.net answers all important questions about abortion in this article. If you are ready, we can start to take a look the details from below.

Unwanted pregnant! What now?

Our subject is unwanted pregnant now. The pregnancy test is positive. Not every woman is happy about it, perhaps because a baby does not fit in with the life plan, the relationship with the child’s father is not stable enough, or there are medical reasons against pregnancy. But what to do if you are unintentionally pregnant? Often a conversation helps with a trusted person, a good friend or a family member. Perhaps you will receive unimaginably more support than you would have thought. If you prefer to talk anonymously about your situation, you can choose one of the many pregnancy counseling centers. Here you will be advised and accompanied by expert staff. And do not worry, the advice is for you for free. Nobody else needs to tell you that you can get advice.

There are those moments in life that you would want to erase immediately without batting an eyelid. If that were possible. The moment when two, instead of a strip, appear on the pregnancy test and “two” symbolizes what your body is now, in pairs, and the panic that is rising in you is a long way off from anything like that happiness. The moment you stare at the test again in disbelief and think that it can not be, that you were paying attention, that it is actually impossible. That kind of moment.

Every year, 130,000 women decide to terminate their pregnancy in every single Europe country. But what comes to the woman when she has decided to abort the child?

The first step is to make an appointment for pregnancy conflict counseling. Also, the gynecologist can arrange such an appointment, if asked to do so. There are various counseling centers run by different providers.

This consultation is a basic prerequisite for a termination of pregnancy. It is only after a period of three days and with a certificate that the interview has taken place that it is possible to have abortion performed by a specialist gynecologist or clinic. “Any woman who considers a termination of her pregnancy, must be advised in a counseling center,” said doctor. “This (compulsory) pre-abortion counseling offers pro familia, helping girls and women to reflect and reflect on their decision to discontinue or continue their pregnancy.

Demolition is not punishable if certain indicators are available (for example, if the woman can not get the child for health reasons). It is important to know: “Since we have the counseling system in Europe, a termination of pregnancy up to the 12th week of pregnancy after a consultation (at a state recognized pregnancy conflict counseling center) is impunity,” explains doctor. The consultation is therefore also not punishable by the termination.

An abortion can then be done in two ways: either surgically or medically (only until the 7th week).

The cost of a termination of pregnancy takes over the health insurance. This happens completely anonymously for adults and is not passed on to third parties (parents, for example, where you have family insurance). The doctor adds: “If the income of the woman considering a termination of pregnancy falls short of a certain sum, she can get a cost transfer slip with EVERY health insurance company. Since the costs of a termination of pregnancy are borne by the social welfare office, each health insurance company will be reimbursed by the social welfare office. ”

Kath, 25, has spoken with various women about her experiences and with this topic for this text.

 Five things to consider after making the decision:

  1. Contact a counseling center or a gynecologist of your choice. Addresses and phone numbers of the jobs can be found on the Internet and in the phone book. The counseling is free, anonymous and the counselors are obliged to keep silence.
  2. Do not hurry. The decision and its consequences are only yours alone. You do not have to apologize or tell anyone if you do not want that. Nobody can force you to justify yourself for this decision.
  3. If the consultation has been carried out, talk to your health insurance company early about a possible reimbursement. She will advise you and, if necessary, cover the costs of the procedure / medication.
  4. You are not liable to prosecution.

    5. Try to stay away from websites and forums. Often these pages are just disguised propaganda sites of abortion opponents and you will sooner or later be confronted with them in the forums.

    I am unintentionally pregnant. Can not I take the pill afterwards?

The “morning after pill” is an over-the-counter medicine that you can get at the pharmacy if you had unprotected sex around the time you ovulated. Male sperm can survive up to 5 days in the woman’s uterus. This means that even with intercourse a few days before the actual ovulation, there is the possibility of becoming pregnant. The active ingredients contained in the “morning after pill” delay the ovulation of the woman until fertilization can no longer take place. For the drug to work safely, it should be taken as much as possible within the first 12 hours after sexual intercourse. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that ovulation will occur and sperm will find their way to the egg. If the ovulation has already taken place, the “morning after pill” can not work anymore. If you’ve determined that you’re pregnant through a pregnancy test, it’s already too late for the “morning after pill,” because the drug can not stop the pregnancy, so it’s not an abortion pill.

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