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Pregnancy after abortion -Can I get pregnant again after an abortion?


Pregnancy after abortion -Can I get pregnant again after an abortion?

Yes, you can get pregnant again after an abortion. At the end of pregnancy, your cycle begins again. The next ovulation is about two to four weeks after the procedure, and your next period is about four to six weeks. And do not worry, with a professional abortion done their fertility is not worse than before the procedure.

Pregnancy problems after abortion

After a medical abortion, the pregnancy test is often positive. This can have various reasons. Sometimes hormones are gradually restored. This can be measured by the positive test dynamics of the hormone produced during pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotropin). To find out more about why a pregnancy test is positive after an abortion, it can only be done with a doctor after further investigation. Sometimes this is due to an incomplete or failed pregnancy, then another method of abortion is required for the interruption. These factors influence how long the recovery period lasts and what complications can occur.

She will simply lift the sadness and forgive the forgetfulness. If a woman does not seek counseling with a psychologist, she will give her the opportunity to express her fears and feelings and talk about women who are similar. To better understand what happens to a woman after an abortion, we need to return to the beginning.

Now a woman learns that she is pregnant.Most women are surprised by the pregnancy and usually the women who want to have a baby. Although it may seem confusing, it is a natural reaction to the big changes in my life. At that time, he worked in the body of a stormy hormonal transformation of a woman who also signed a contract with the psyche. At that moment, the woman feels stunned, surprised, uncertain. If the child is not planned, however, it feels desperately alone in this situation.


Recovery from medical abortion

After taking pills to stop pregnancy, a woman is recommended to avoid physical exertion and stressful situations. It is necessary to monitor the state of health to actively prevent colds. During this time, it is better not to visit the baths and saunas to completely avoid bathing and bathing. The water should be limited to a warm shower. Within two weeks, it is not recommended to have sexual contacts and do rinses.

The recovery process after an abortion

Every woman individually. Successful recovery of the body after an abortion is necessary to prevent the development of complications. That’s why you need ultrasound after an abortion. This gives time to see the complications and to take all necessary medical procedures. Restoring the hormone Let’s take a closer look at how we can quickly recover from an abortion and return to the same rhythm of life. In order to resume the cycle after a miscarriage and to compensate for the hormonal imbalance, low-dose hormones were initially administered.

Recovery after a vacuum abortion

At the same time, a woman does not have to keep a bed rest, she can go back to her daily activities and go to work. The bleeding may last for two weeks, this is considered normal. Monthly delays after abortion are possible within 2-3 months, after which the cycle is normalized. For a longer and more abundant blood loss, a doctor should be consulted. Alcohol is contraindicated during the medical termination of pregnancy. The efficacy of mifepristone drugs reduces the parallel intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, citramon, Nurafen, Voltaren, Fastum, Kitsifil, etc.).

How do you recover from an abortion?

These oral contraceptives usually prevent a second pregnancy. We know that the uterus is usually restored within six months. Therefore, this period is particularly important for the use of contraception. Recovery from a medical abortion is less painful than other abortions. The main problem is related to the fact that significant irregularities in the menstrual cycle occur after the administration of high hormone doses. Normally, the cycle is restored in 2-3 months.

Medical abortion avoids the most serious complications associated with surgical abortion. The main recovery measures are aimed at maintaining a normal hormone level. If necessary, a correction of the female genital organs and the mammary glands is possible because the hormone system is actively involved in their function.

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