Abortion Methods

Psychological problems after abortion


Psychological problems after abortion

After an abortion, it recovers faster than the advice of a qualified psychologist. Most problems after abortion are related to the development of depressive disorders. Relieving stress, eg. B. Physiotherapy. In addition to the main recommendations for permissible recovery from abortion injuries, but without contraindications. In this case, drilling-grass infusions are used, which contribute to the normalization of the cycle and are a preventative measure for inflammation.

Symptoms can be: Guilt; Anxiety; Depression; Suicidal thoughts; Memories of abortion Sexual dysfunction; Relationship problems; Eating disorder; Alcohol or drug abuse. Such mental manifestations should be treated. This should affect the woman and show a positive direction. Explain that she is not alone and always has a way out. Try to do everything possible to make her feel better. Remember, in the presence of women, you do not have to start talking about abortion.

Make sure the doctor knows the possible consequences after the procedure. This is necessary to know why certain complications occur after an abortion and how dangerous these are.

In the first few days after a termination of pregnancy, rest is important for you, regardless of whether you have opted for an operative or medicinal method. Your treating gynecologist can make you sick, so you can protect yourself after the procedure. And do not worry, your employer does not need to know the reason for your sick leave.

Problems after abortion bleeding

After an operative abortion, bleeding and abdominal pain are unfortunately normal. If you have chosen the drug method, you will probably even have to expect a little longer lasting bleeding. Basically: In case of fever, foul-smelling discharge, heavy bleeding or pain, consult a doctor.

In order to minimize the risks of infection, it is better to use bandages instead of tampons in the days following the abortion, to abstain from sexual intercourse and not to swim.

Modern gynecology and complications after abortion

Recovery from abortion is a very serious and painstaking process. You must strictly adhere to the level of regeneration prescribed by your doctor, ie use antibiotics to prevent physical activity and spread peace. Abortion is an exhausting experience, both physically and emotionally. In most cases, it is a simple and safe procedure, but there are some nuances that may occur later, and it is important to know which symptoms are considered dangerous and that they are normal.

After a follow-up, prophylaxis of inflammatory gynecological diseases is recommended. The intake of pills, experiences and stress contribute to the modification of the microflora in the genitals. This can cause thrush, colpitis, endometritis, etc. develop. In order to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of these diseases, you should use remedies that normalize the microbial flora and strengthen the immune system.

Recovery from abortion In a large rehabilitation session, an abortion is performed: Make sure you have enough rest; healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and liquids; take the necessary antibiotics prescribed by the doctor; Avoid physical activity.



Relationship problems after abortion

Avoid sexual activities. Do not use tampons. Sexual life is usually restored within two to four weeks. Ovulation can occur two weeks after an abortion. It is important to abstain from sexual activities if the woman is neither physically nor emotionally ready.

A good tool for rehabilitation of the uterus and ovaries is physiotherapy. Abortion is a heavy burden on the mammary glands, which led to a serious adjustment in the context of lactation preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a mammologist for a routine examination and to rule out possible pathological changes. Some women need a conversation with a psychologist to restore their normal state of health.

In cases where the pregnancy has been in the womb for nine weeks or more before abortion, it may still be the product of conception. At this stage, pregnancy hormones began with milk production, normally it should leak out of the female body. Do not worry, this is a natural process. It is advisable to wear a bra for litter until the milk is completely natural.

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